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The spurs are because I've had a lifelong interest in horses, but the pocket knives? I just don't know why I collect those. Maybe it's the mystery writer in me!

Whirlpool (Julesburg Mystery Series #1)

Although I tend to go for knives with pretty handles rather than those with lethal blades. Would you be willing to share with our readers about your story weaving process? I know many writers don't work this way, that theme comes to them as they're writing the story. But I need this to hold my plot together. A backbone, in anatomy or story, shouldn't be highly visible; there's trouble if the bones are sticking out! But I need that backbone there, deep down inside, holding everything together. I need to know, basically, where the story is going before I start, a goal to aim for with the plot.

Lorena McCourtney

But my actual procedure of getting the plot going is a little messy. Before I ever start writing a story, I collect a file of material loosely built around what the original idea was. This may include bits about a possible setting, scraps of dialogue or scenes, what I call simply "good lines" relevant to the story. When the time comes to write, I get out the file and start sorting my scraps of paper into various piles.

This pile is about characters, that one about plot twists or scenes, other piles about setting and theme. I always like it when a title comes to me early on, as this seems to give me a more focused target. Then, I start sorting the pile concerning plot into a more-or-less chronological order. At that point I can begin to see the holes in the plot and then I can start filling them in.

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I do a very general outline of the story, nothing detailed, and so I fill in details as I go. And I always write chapters and scenes in sequential order. I know some authors write scenes ahead of time, and place them where they belong, but I can't do this. For me, each scene needs the foundation of the one that came before it. Readers who are interested in more information can read my article, Plotting: Trail or Trap on Christianbook.

Trusting in the Lord that He will never leave or forsake us- that He will always be with us. He may not remove our troubles and problems, but He will see us through them. As for fiction as a medium for that message, it's using the single small talent He gave me as best I can.

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I have no talent for music. Can't carry a tune, can't play an instrument. No talent for art. I still remember the disaster of a sunset I painted in 6th grade art class. It stood out from others the teacher tacked to the wall like some combination of an acid spill and a volcanic eruption.

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I have no athletic ability, nor do I have the patience or coordination for creative crafts. So for me, writing is it! But they all have some of my insecurities and vulnerabilities. There's probably more of me in Ivy Malone, the amateur sleuth of my new mystery series, than in any of my earlier characters. Which may be why I'm having so much fun writing her. Although Ivy, too, is more adventurous than I am. I don't get an idea or inspiration for a story, and immediately sit down and start writing it.

I file it away and let it simmer and grow or die! Also, ideas or inspiration seldom arrive full-blown. It takes a lot of hard work to turn an idea into a full book with a theme, characters, beginning, middle and end. I tend to think of the construction of a book as a circle encompassing character, plot, theme, setting and title. An idea may enter at any point in that circle, but a writer still has to flesh out everything else in the circle. Do you have a set schedule, or just work like crazy when the muses strike?

My average writing day usually starts with a reading from a daily devotional, Bible reading, and prayer.

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I have to check my e-mail, of course. And then I start the actual writing day by going back over the previous day's work. Or sometimes I go back a lot farther than that. I don't use the process of doing a complete, rough first draft and then subsequent drafts. I keep tinkering with what I've written so that when I get to the end, it really is, except for a final polishing, the end.

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Only after I go over the previous work do I go ahead with the new writing. I want to use whatever talent He's given me to write what He wants me to write. At the same time, I don't think that means the story needs to be preachy or dull. I want to write a riveting story--one the reader can't put down. But I want it to have a message inside for the reader to take away, so that when the book is finished, something stays with him or her even if it's just on a sub-conscious level.

And if you like one of my books, tell someone else about it. Lorena McCourtney is the best-selling author of thirty novels. She lives in Oregon. She lives in Grants Pass, Oregon. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Revell, Hardcover. Condition: New. Seller Inventory M More information about this seller Contact this seller. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Revell, Seller Inventory NEW Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

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Lorena McCourtney. Publisher: Fleming H Revell Co , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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