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For the King has left his throne and is sleeping in a manger tonight. Oh Bethlehem what you have missed while you were sleeping for God became a man and stepped into your world today. Oh Bethlehem you will go down in history as a city with no room for its King, while you were sleeping. Jerusalem what you have missed while you were sleeping the Savior of the world is dying on your cross today.

United States of America, looks like another silent night, as we are sung to sleep by philosophies that save the trees and kill the children.

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For the Bride groom has returned and has carried His bride away in the night. America what will we miss while we are sleeping? Will Jesus come again and leave us slumbering where we lay? There is, of course, nothing in this rewrite about "peace" in the usual meaning of the word. What it's mostly about, to my eye, is about visibility and status. The writer, in effect has turned the song into a complaint, that he believes the American public pays insufficient attention to, and provides insufficient status for, the message presented by Christians like himself, and thus the country must be "sleeping.

No, ultimately it's people who they falsely allege are working to "save the trees and kill the children.

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Likewise, the line, "a nation with no room for His King," again hides the fact that what the writer is railing against is the decisions of other people not to accept the particular form of religious conversion that he's selling. Start a Wiki.

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You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsiness accounts for , police-reported automobile crashes each year. The National Sleep Foundation report on a study by Knipling and Wang showed that car accidents related to sleep deprivation resulted in more than 1, fatalities and 71, injuries per year.

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