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Scala School!

How to use Twitter effectively & grow your brand

Approach We think it makes the most sense to approach teaching Scala not as if it were an improved Java but instead as a new language. Useful for understanding idioms in Twitter's code.

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  • Understanding Twitter Basics - dummies!

Scala API Documentation. Lessons Basics Values, functions, classes, methods, inheritance, try-catch-finally.

Expression-oriented programming Basics continued Case classes, objects, packages, apply, update, Functions are Objects uniform access principle , pattern matching. Here are a few to get you started:. Be professional but friendly Twitter is a social forum so discussions should be in a friendly tone.

Follow back Twitter builds a relationship so remember to have good manners. If someone took interest in your business by telephone or email, you would respond and thank them. The same goes for Twitter.

Twitter Tutorial For Beginners

If someone retweets one of your posts then thank them in a tweet using their name. If someone follows you, follow back, and watch your network grow. Become a source of information Make reference to external articles and news you think will interest your profession and those following your organisation. It shows you think about the wider picture, not just tweets about your own company. Share, listen, ask and respond This is advice directly from the Twitter organisation themselves.

Twitter For Beginners: Basic Guidelines Before You Start

Twitter is the perfect forum to share photos or snippets from behind the scenes at your organisation to give followers a glimpse of developing projects. For those new to Twitter, this is a great book for a first time user.

The basics of Twitter [Part 2]

Step-by-step instructions, and pictures to follow. I would highly recommend this book.

Understanding the different types of Twitter Cards

The author is easily accessible if you have any questions. You will not be disappointed. Loved it! The author really did concisely write a great introduction on how to start using Twitter. Thanks, Ian!