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Preacher - Tulip x Cassidy - All Kisses

Later, she received a call from a woman and told her she would see him soon. Tulip then asked Mosie if she could have a room for the night. Tulip then captured Jesse and brought him into her room.

Tulip Kiss – Tulipa Rembrandt Kiss

She wore a mask to scare him but revealed herself quickly. Tulip nagged Jesse once again but Jesse turned her down. Tulip told Jesse she knew him and that he would go back to his own ways. Tulip then left, revealing to Jesse the chains were never locked to the door. When she inquired what Grail Industries was, Dany told her it wasn't her business.

While driving back to Annville, she was caught speeding.

Tulip hid a gun beneath her legs as a fail-safe as she created a story on why she was speeding. Her story convinced the officer enough to give her a warning before speeding off again.

Tulip Kiss | Efleurescence Floris

Tulip then drove past Jesse, catching his attention and the two pulled over. Tulip revealed the job she was badgering over was to kill Carlos. Tulip then finally convinced Jesse to follow her. After stopping at a gas station, Tulip got in an argument with another driver.

When Jesse returned from the restroom, Tulip was told that Jesse had changed his mind. Upset, Tulip smashed a wiper on a pump. Tulip followed Mosie to the site where Lacey fell to her death in a sinkhole. After Odin made an address telling people to be careful, Tulip was left upset as Odin hardly acknowledged that a girl had died. To cool heads, Mosie offered everyone a free hour in honor of Lacey's peaceful ways. Tulip was then told by Mosie that her temper was at a level that even her mother couldn't handle.

Still upset, Tulip stormed upstairs after hearing an intercourse upstairs. Believing it was Clive, Tulip whipped Cassidy, out of the window.

source site Tulip then saw Clive at the door, realizing she just severely harmed another person. Tulip held Cassidy while they were being driven to the hospital. Tulip apologized for her anger issues and Cassidy asked for a kiss, which Tulip did. At the hospital, Tulip asked a nurse for a doctor but Cassidy had walked off. Tulip followed his trail and found him drinking from blood pouches. Tulip then took Cassidy to her uncle's home. After Cassidy woke up, Tulip asked Cassidy questions on his vampirism.

Later, when Cassidy confessed his love for her and talked about their "moment", Tulip denied it and told Cassidy she only agreed to kiss him as she believed he would die. Tulip told Cassidy she had a boyfriend and they would leave once he decided to quit his job. Tulip then told Cassidy her plan to kill Carlos, a man who betrayed her and Jesse two years prior. Tulip went to Jesse's church and caught Emily taking a crap on the toilet with her pants down. She then asked her where Jesse was and got an answer of Flavour Station.

Tulip then went to Flavour Station after learning he was giving advice there. Tulip told the crowd of parishioners about Jesse's past.