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This is the foundation of frustration. And you can have a great workout in less than 10 minutes.

The 7-Minute Workout That May* Get You Ripped

After all, if it only took 7 minutes to get into great shape, the struggle to lose fat would be less of an issue. As always, the devil is in the details. In the case of this circuit-training program, the claims outpace reality. Schoenfeld is one of the leaders in muscle-building research, and a guy who literally wrote the book on packing on muscle.

Here are some of his takeaways:. The general idea of the 7-minute workout is that you perform 12 bodyweight exercises as a circuit. Remember, the justification of this program is validated by prior research explaining why this type of workout will build muscle and burn fat. And yet, three of the four references cited are based on types of high intensity training— not interval training. Even then, that study found a boost in EPOC consider this your metabolism that resulted in a whopping 25 additional calories burned.


Mistake 1: The type of training in the 7-minute workout is not as good for fat loss as claimed. If you are enjoying this article we'd be happy to show you some more results:. Show me more articles. No matter what anyone tells you, not all exercises are created equal. Some require more effort, activate more muscle fibers, and will generate more results. Does anyone really think that bodyweight squats are as hard as heavy barbell squats?

But if you look at the 7-minute solution, many of the exercises—crunch, plank, side plank—are not large muscle exercises, says Schoenfeld.

I tried the 7-minute workout for a month — here's what happened

Another issue is that these exercises are all bodyweight moves. And they are also extremely convenient for anyone without access to a gym. In other words, a percentage of your max strength. The use of bodyweight does not afford this benefit, and for those who are fairly fit it would be difficult to achieve a consistent maximum level of intensity for 30 seconds that would compare to doing a similar length of time with added resistance. The use of bodyweight does not afford this benefit, and for those who are fairly fit, it would be difficult to achieve a consistent maximum level of intensity for 30 seconds that would compare to doing a similar length of time with added resistance.

Exercises such as the crunch, plank and side plank will have minimal effects on energy expenditure and the amount of calories you can burn. To further weaken their claims, the second duration is not ideal for building muscular endurance. Even in terms of muscle building, the research is being stretched to muscle-defying limits. Mistake 2: The exercises in the 7-minute workout as not as effective at achieving the reported benefits. The low-intensity studies bodyweight is low intensity have consistently showed suboptimal strength gains when compared to heavy weight training, says Schoenfeld.

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    7 Minute Fat Burning Morning Routine You Can Do Everyday

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    Health App of the Month: The 7 Minute Workout

    Your continued use of the Services and the Licensed Application after any changes or revisions to this Privacy Policy shall indicate your acceptance and agreement with the terms of such revised Privacy Policy. Once you get through the 12th move, seven minutes are up and your work is done. Seven minutes sounds easy, right? The effectiveness of any short and sweet workout, this one included, hinges on your ability to push yourself to the absolute brink during every single rep, David Thomas, Ph.

    You need to push through a good 99 of those times to really get the benefits advertised with this and other HIIT protocols, burning more calories and building lean muscle in minimal time. Translation: You get both cardio and strength benefits and in less time than if you performed a dedicated strength workout followed by a separate low- to moderate-intensity cardio workout such as running , Minnesota-based exercise physiologist Mike T. Nelson, Ph. You can also burn more calories per minute during your workout as well as afterward, thanks to a process called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption EPOC , more commonly known as the afterburn effect.

    The harder you hit it, the harder your aerobic system has to work; you have to take in oxygen at a higher rate than you would at rest as your entire body works to return to its resting state, so you continue burning calories even after you stop moving. What counts as high enough intensity? Basically, when performing a seven-minute-long interval workout, you should be huffing, puffing, and pretty much unable to go for seven minutes and one second.