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He is particularly critical of Stanton Friedman in this regard, which shows admirable independent spirit. However, given that Stanton Friedman is arguably the foremost researcher of the Hill case, this is a risky strategy indeed.

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It's like reading the same paper from over and over, nobody has taken the time to re-access sic the viability of her star positions. Since the advances in astronomy have grown leaps and bounds, but apparently little of this information has filtered down to the UFO community, and to those individuals who are actively promoting Fish's interpretation of the star map One thing that should be obvious from the very start is the fact that Zeta Reticuli is binary.

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Stanton Friedman to this day still claims that they are not binary. More damning still is the alteration in star distances over time, due to the historic poor quality of the telescopes used to gather data on star positions in the southern hemisphere p Simply put, many of the stars Fish relied upon are now known to be in totally different positions in her 3D model. Indeed, many of them are now completely out of the box, so to speak. I for one would be most interested to hear Stanton Friedman's response to these problematic issues, but I suspect that the way Steve Pearse has set about presenting his case is unlikely to elicit more than a cursory reply.

Part of the problem here is that the use of language, the quality of grammar and spelling throughout this book are at odds with the high quality of scientific data the author has collated to support his case. Irritatingly, it is often unclear where extracts from reference material begin in the main body of the text. Even the title of the book remains enigmatic, despite a hint at an explanation p Most difficult of all, though, is a distinct lack of visual reference in terms of star charts to explain the author's arguments.

It was never really clear to me which stars were Position 1, Position 2, etc - a nomenclature system constantly referred to in the text - unless you worked backwards from the names of the stars provided in the astrometric data. That asynchronous bit? Totally gone.

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Meanwhile, the limitations of the slapdash coding become more and more apparent as the game drags on. Only this time the long-dead enemies were now missing. To be blunt, the AI is non-existent.

Once when my Spock ran forward a whole 20 meters into another room, co-op Kirk could not keep pace. It became a running joke moving deeper into the level: AI Kirk is now 50 meters behind. I shot back.

'Set Your Phaser to Stun' by Steve Pearse book review

It was kind of like watching a car crash. TNG : " The Hunted " To some more vulnerable species, even the stun setting was potentially lethal , for example the Trill symbionts. DS9 : " Invasive Procedures " When used at close range, a phaser set on stun was capable of inducing sufficient trauma to kill a Human, if fired at a vital organ such as the brain. Some Andorian weapons did not have a stun setting. ENT : " Cease Fire " Phase-pistols in use by Starfleet in the s featured stun as one of two settings, the other being kill.

Set Phasers to 'Stun' for 'Star Trek' Video Game

ENT : " Desert Crossing " Later Starfleet phasers in the 23rd and 24th centuries had several different levels of stun setting. Starfleet regulations stated that phasers were to be locked at the level one stun setting. TNG : " Aquiel ". A phaser set to stun could render a Human female unconscious in 0.