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Here I will list the material I used for the 4 sizes bunnies pictured below:. The instructions are the same for all sizes. When there is a difference I'll indicate it clearly. Stuff well. Place the nose between R11 and R12 you may need to place it a row higher depending on how well you stuff it in the middle of the face. If you are using large eyes larger than 15mm place the eyes at the same level as the nose between R11 and R If not, add eyes one row above the nose between R10 and R Try the distance that looks best to you and once you are happy with it, fix them in place.

Free Bunny Pants Crochet Amigurumi Pattern

See pictures for reference. Finish off, leave long tail, sew the ends together to close the gap using the remaining tail. Finish off, leave long tail but do not stuff. Do one more sc after the last stitch then finish off. Use sewing needle to hide the remaining tail inside the carrot. We have included bunnies, chicks, eggs and more in our post.

Sunday 29 September The WHOot Shop. The WHOot. Home Crochet. This is a hugely popular and very gorgeous blanket that you will be very keen to make. Grab the patterns now.

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Read more. We've rounded up some adorable Crochet Animals Patterns and we know you are going to love them. Check them all out now and Pin your favorites. You'll love these cuddly Teddy Bear Crochet Patterns that come with three cute options! Make the bear in pajamas, a dress or a dungaree. Patterns here. You are going to love this gorgeous collection of popular Crochet Animal Slippers and we have them in adult and baby bootie size.

There is something for everyone so be sure to check them all out now and Pin your favorites. Thanks so much. Too late for Easter tho : oh well next year! Too cute!! What a great pattern!

Amigurumi pattern for the Easter bunny. Colorful crochet sporty rabbit

My husband says it has an American Indian look. The second one is my chocolate bunny! He is chocolate brown of course! No color on his ears. I love the fact that the body is egg-shaped, too — or, at least mine are! Made them for my kids for Easter. I made one for my little princess! Thank you! How cute! I just found this pattern to you or your link to this pattern?

In my mind, since I missed Easter use, I will definitely try to get 3 done for baby showers! Thank you for sharing!!! I am Ha. It is so happy to find your blog. You are so talented. You light up my life. Thank so much. Thanks so much for this fun pattern! Thanks again! I love them! Oh Janette these are adorable. But they are so sweet. Kate xx.

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Im sorry you lost your bunny! I love rabbits and would like to get some soon. Oh thank you Janette. It was so sad particularly as she was so little but you should get some, they make lovely pets and my children love them. We lost our French lop and the other 3 we have are mini lops…. I have well, had two pairs, boy and girl in each.

Ideally, a boy and girl are best pairs to have as much less chance of fighting. Even same sex pairs who are siblings can start off ok but as they mature can then start fighting, particularly boys! I had two brothers, both were neutered but one ended up bullying the other non stop so had to separate! Now have little Merlin on his own so will have to look for a companion now!

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These are adorable! So before I start making some of these I just wanted to check whether you would mind any I manage to make being sold for charity? I was curious. Can we sell the finish product as long as we link and credit you for the pattern? These bunnies are so cute! Thank you for visiting my photo blog! Please visit again soon! Hi there, amazing pattern and gorgeous rabbits. Thank you for the pattern!. Is easy and beautiful. This Christmas we have created an event to give amigurumis to children suffering from leukemia, and we used this pattern to weave some of the amigurumi.

Thank you, Janette! These bunnies are my current obsession! Thanks so much for sharing! I adore these bunnies! I have just made my first one using your pattern. I am hoping to make more and abandon them outside in clear bags for people to find, as a RAK!

(crochet) Pt1: How To Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit - Yarn Scrap Friday

Many thanks for sharing your beautiful pattern. Gez littlewrencottage. Super cute pattern. I put a link on my blog to your blog.

Thanks for sharing the pattern and the excellent photos. I love to crochet but I m not good at reading would please consider doing a video I really would like to make this bunny. Can I use one of your photos in a post on my blog and share the link to your tutorial? All I need to do now is learn to crochet!!

These are just so cute! Great pattern thank you.