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Follow those three rules, El! He keeps things quiet for the Hawkins Lab folks conducting their investigations and controlled burns of the Upside Down, and in return, they keep it out of his town. Montgomery, a classic that many girls and boys read in their childhood. Also, she's carrying a pretty amazing Trapper Keeper. The Wheeler parents really are clueless…. People always say the youngest gets away with everything, but with as much as the elder children get away with, Holly has her work cut out for her.

Instead, he removes a blue bracelet from his wrist, looks at it, puts it back on, and tells El to clean the place up. That bracelet is the blue hairband Sara wore that Hop keeps as a reminder of his daughter. His hesitation takes on all kinds of new meaning in that context. Like the eponymous alien, a creature hatched from an egg and attached to Will's face. It led to a smaller creature that much more slowly has grown into a carniverous monster. It also one-ups the xenomorph by getting the one creature that eluded that monster He even says the words "pirate treasure.

These came from when they cut their hands in season 1 episode 8, a move designed to lure the Demogorgon. Thank you, Stephen King. Is Mr. Busy guy….

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Echoing those who discredit the series' embrace of nostalgia looks around this article , Max makes a complaint that falls on deaf ears in regards to Lucas and most viewers. He put it together in the aforementioned season 1 episode 8. Finally, the answers come as a clever clue hidden in the destroyed mind of a mother who never gave up. She even paraphrases the grim scene as her son goes closer and closer to Linda Blair territory.

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The next time they see it, it will be near full grown in size. Thank you to Chad Pittman for pointing this one out! Also worth noting is that in this episode Owens literally quotes Reiser's Burke character by telling Joyce she "needs to trust me" in almost the exact same inflection Reiser said it to Ellen Ripley in the James Cameron sequel. So yeah, El ran away. Also, El's whole "girl getting off the bus in the scary city" thing kinda mirrors Guns n' Roses' video for "Welcome to the Jungle.

Aside from the fact that the overall vibe of Stranger Things in general feels like it takes place adjacent to Morrison's famed s comic book counterculture masterwork which, among other things, dealt with shadowy government agencies inviting Cthulu-esque extradimensional malevolent entities into our world , there are a few direct references to the concepts and characters themselves in this episode. There's prominent BARBELITH graffiti in the gang's headquarters, which references one of the recurring themes of The Invisibles , a mysterious supernatural planetary body that appears to characters in important moments, almost like the monolith in A Space Odyssey.

You can also spot more than once "King Mob" graffiti.

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King Mob was the leader of The Invisibles and the stand-in for Morrison himself. He's like if James Bond was a spiritualist magician psychic with the fashion sense of a rock n' roll star and that only scratches the surface. The girl with the wild hair who is part of Kali's crew also resembles Ragged Robin from The Invisibles quite a bit. She was seduced by a psychic named Emma Frost into seeing things that were not there and to give into murderous, darker impulses. Also like traditional X-Men stories, this episode is about embracing how individual differences are a gift, not a curse to be hidden in a closet.

That puts her rescue by Hopper at Dec. Close enough! Not really an easter egg, just cool casting. With the power out and the need to turn on both the power and open the locks, poor Bob is sent to his doom like a latter day Samuel L.

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Jackson to the breakers. Like the Demodogs, Zuul was a canine servant of a greater evil named Gozer in that classic. This is not unlike Will's current predicament. In that film, just as a priest was losing his faith, he was both horrified and galvanized by the young Regan speaking to him through her possessed body's flesh, spelling the desperate words, "Help me. Romero movie or its knockoffs , the scene of all the characters trapped inside the house with monsters threatening to come through the windows or walls is straight out of the one that started it all It's also the first good song we ever see Billy listening to, perhaps foreshadowing that he isn't completely irredeemable.

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The concept might be Hollywood techno-mumbo-jumbo, but the BASIC programming language definitely would have been part of most microcomputers, which were beginning to become widespread at this time, especially in government facilities. The boys especially Dustin are great at coming up with names. The Mind Flayer was known for enslaving intelligent beings with their psionic powers.

Sounds about right. But even before his flesh began to change colors to blackness, there are subtler nods here too, like Joyce coming into Will's bedroom and noticing the window open and feeling a chill, much like Regan's mother on the night that her possessed daughter took a life. She even flies.

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Lindsey cranked out a bunch of these books, some with Fabio, a famous male model from the '80s with Billy-esque fabulous blond hair and muscles , on the cover. Alas, she could not make it due to getting sucked into the Upside-Down and whatnot. But proved to be a very good year for the pair, indeed.

To prevent Lia from regaining control, Laurie never projects herself again, as she still feels Lia's presence. The novel takes place on a fictional island off the coast of New England. Duncan had been on Nantucket Island one summer and was interested in the seasonal changes of such an island. A cousin living in Rhode Island provided this information to Duncan, who incorporated some of these details in the book.

The author also incorporated details from her own life in Stranger with My Face. An actress that Laurie's adoptive mother mentions in the first edition of the novel is Kerry Arquette, the name of one of Duncan's daughters. In , Little, Brown reissued the novel with changes to modernize the content.

Duncan introduced cell phones in the revised edition, which posed a problem because she says that a "strong element of many of my plots is having the protagonist be in a dangerous situation and not being able to reach the outside world". Since characters could use a cell phone to call for help, she had to find a way to prevent characters from using their cell phones to contact one another. An audiobook version of the novel was released by Listening Library in , [5] and another, narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan, was released by Recorded Books in Megan Abbott , a writer of crime novels, states that the book explores the idea of a double, a person similar but not quite the same as someone else.

She adds that the novel features a female protagonist who has to confront a second woman who does "some of the things the heroine would be afraid to do. She points to a scene in which Laurie has projected herself to the mental hospital Lia is staying in, where Laurie notices slight differences in appearance between the two. In the book, Laurie splits up with her boyfriend and dates a boy who had half of his face burned off in an explosion after meeting Lia.

Stranger with My Face has won several awards and honors. The staff stated that readers were captivated by the idea of astral projection, they "loved the story's fast pace", and they saw bigger themes in Stranger in My Face. Lois Duncan stated in that Stranger with My Face , along with Locked in Time , were the favorite young adult fiction novels she wrote. Filming for a television film adaptation of the same name began on February 6, in Victoria, British Columbia , Canada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stranger with My Face First edition cover. Main article: Stranger with My Face film.

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